Development of steering, planning or optimization tools with client's technical involvment to define according to its profile

Providing a transversal understanding of the company and a strong business expertise on Supply Chain planning processes

Designing a functional, human and technical roadmap for "Connected Planning" implementation

One-time intervention for upgrade and evolution of your planning tools

Creating an organization to maintain the long term quality of your planification

Data integration in your IT ecosystem and process optimization through external data leveraged by ML/AI algorithms

A progressive implementation


Set common vision and goal

Use case

Simple use case implementation

Quick wins

High ROI



New use cases

New actors integrated

Connected company

Real-time, agile and collaborative planning

Shared and actioned strategy

Connected ecosystem

Integration with external actors

External data integration

Supporting ambitious and shared objectives!


5 steps to achieve together a successful project!

What are we going to do?

How will we be doing it?

Let's work.

Test, adjust and valid!

Deploy and enjoy!

Anaplan Partner

We support transformation with a full range of tools tailored to your needs. We favor the ANAPLAN solution for carrying out planning processes, which we can supplement with specialized tools in reporting, data integration and data science, according to the maturity and size of our clients.