Business Case 2022 December 23

Store Replenishment

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Business Case

Store Replenishment Agility : an essential link to ensure the availability of the right product, in the right place, at the right time.


Adequate distribution plan to meet volatile demand

Limiting the risk of stock-outs while ensuring optimal availability to the end customer

Reducing stock coverage to optimize logistics cost

High volume of data making it difficult to update parameters on a daily basis (e.g. average weekly sales, target stock, etc.)


ABC classification of products with suggested differentiated target stock

Advanced calculation algorithms allowing real-time updating of target stock

Automatic daily creation of orders

Alerts on key indicators (customer availability rate, shortages and missed opportunities, stock) to improve planning efficiency

Projection of short and medium term stock levels, with linked distribution plans

Upstream needs assessment

References & Volume

  • 4 Clients

    Retail, Luxury & Fashion

  • 2 to 6

    project months

  • 2

    OneHive Experts

  • +100k

    optimized SKU-Boutique combinations


  • Smart, flexible and automatic (re)calculation

  • Added value in planning

  • Tracking of Key Indicators